To my Guruji, Om Swami

Vedic Om
4 min readJan 14, 2023
Om Swami

I offer my obeisance at your lotus feet — Charansprash Guruji, my Divine Ma.

The Christmas holidays are over. I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday with the family and loved ones, and Santa was generous this year and fulfilled your wish list. Welcome to January 2023, time is flying by for some, and some can hear every tick-tock of the clock.

For me, it is a different story.
I can bend the time
I can slow the time
Push it faster if I wish
Or stop it at my will…

Nah! I’m Just kidding. I can’t do any of that. But the thought is intriguing. Maybe someone can add this to their wish list for next Christmas. Humans always have a wish list ready, from the life necessities to the luxury of mind. Sometimes we call it “needs,” and sometimes, we call it “wants.” Emotional, physical, and intellectual needs and wants.

If you think about it, every need or want is appropriate for the person who wishes it. A homeless may wish for a roof over his head, and a billionaire may wish for … I don’t know what a billionaire wishes; I am not one, so I can’t tell you what they may wish for. But I am sure it must be something dear to their heart.

We all know the choo-choo train of desires.

1. Many empty thoughts (zero value) hit us from everywhere all the time.
2. One random thought gets our attention and gets focused by the intellect.
3. Our accommodative mind accepts that thought approved by the intellect.
4. It converts that accepted and approved thought into desire instantly.

All those collected beautiful desires are a long list of wants that start marching to the bucket list of “things I would like.” Some are short-lived, offering instant gratification, and some stay long-term, getting added to the bucket list.

Short-lived thoughts: Pizza is fun to eat (an idea) — goes through the 4-step choo-choo train and gets converted into a desire or a wish list.

Outcome: I pick up the phone, order pizza, and eat it… Shazam! My desire is fulfilled, giving me instant gratification and extra carbs in my body, and indigestion (that is a different story).

Result: After a few hours, I will be disappointed with my pizza-ordering desire, as I am trying to lose weight, plus my body is not happy with bread anymore. But we won’t discuss that further; that causes more pain, anger, and frustration! The happiness was not everlasting and short-lived.

Long-term desires: I want to visit the South Pole and play with penguins. Buy a bigger house or an expensive car. I want to be happy and so on.

Outcome: I can’t fulfill it due to some limitations. By chance, if I do, it gives the impression that the struggle, sacrifices, and Loss of time with loved ones were not worth it. The happiness was not everlasting and short-lived.

Result: Disappointment, anger, sadness, loneliness, and frustration…

What amuses me is that even knowing that every desire will lead to something negative and will never offer a bliss or forever happy feeling, we continue collecting desires, wishes, and wants. All these are added to our bucket list. It is a magical bucket; no matter how many desires you add, it never gets full. Our life’s long list of desires invites the emotions of disappointment, sadness, frustration, anger, agitation, jealousy, hate, and many more. I never met a bucket filled with desires, bliss, happiness, or positive emotions until I found YOU.

If I need to be all Hollywood, I would say, “YOU had me at, hello.”

The Bollywood in me would say, “Mere paas Ma hai.”

Some may know who YOU are, and some may have YOU in their life; some may have already added YOU to their bucket list, some are aware of you but not ready to add YOU to their bucket list, and some are oblivious to your existence.

There was a time when I wasn’t aware of YOU in my life, YOU were not on my bucket list, and I was completely unaware of your existence. My ignorance kept me floating in the ocean of Maya, engaging my attention to the dance of emotions and feelings. I was wasting my life like a fool innocently. But then, YOU blessed me with your mercy! YOU lifted my spirit and bestowed so much love and care. Your kindest glance showed me the ever-expanding love of the cosmos in you. Overwhelming but such a divine feeling. Completely surrendering at your feet is the best thing I did. I am thankful that you accepted my surrender with love.

Now, I am happy to say that my bucket list is empty.

I don’t have or need a bucket anymore. The desires, needs, and wants are no more. I have YOU. All the negatives are deleted, and YOU live in my thoughts, a divine bliss always with me. Not-so-positive things are still happening in my life, but I am Ok. Emotional, physical, and economic pains and troubles are still hitting me from all sides, but I am bulletproof by your wisdom and love.

I love you from my heart to yours, Guruji.