Life is an expression of experience of your existence.

Know your truth

Are you looking for happiness, love, and bliss? You will find that self-help book on each subject! Do you think those writers found the eternal truth? Why buy when you can write one? Writing a self-help book won’t give you what you are looking for but will surely make you rich and famous. Nevertheless, let’s try to find the secret for free.

The world is in our consciousness.

We are unaware of our pure bliss; therefore, our life becomes a puzzle we could never solve. As we are on the journey of finding ourselves, we run all over the world looking for ourselves and end up disappointed. When we see the mirror, we may see our reflection. We will be joyous to know that we are in the mirror, but that is not true. It’s just a reflection of us. If we see ourselves fuzzy and dirty, we may say oh! I am so dirty. If we see ourselves broken, we will feel so sad and depressed that we are broken. But my lovely brothers and sisters, that is just a dirty and broken mirror; we are perfect and complete. It is just a reflection that resonates with the mirror.

As we contemplate this void in our lives, we experience the most incredible sadness; we keep looking for that missing piece and experience more disappointment, leading to frustration, anger, and despair. We look for that I-ness bliss in every materialistic object around us. We do find a few temporary solutions/distractions, but it brings us back to that void. We may keep searching after knowing that we are not in the mirror. Until the realization dawns upon us that we are right here. When we go inwards, we find ourselves in the present, where we are supposed to be.

Embrace your truth

Every word we use, sentence, emotion we express, and thought that occurs in us already exists in the universe; there is no new creation in this process from our side. We are simply borrowing it from the existing universe in our consciousness. Know that everything in our world is empty (shunya). We give meaning, value, and existence to everything we distinguish or comprehend.

If we grasp this truth, life becomes blissful. Know that our life is a projection of our consciousness; we can tweak and change things as we wish. We can whisk out all the negativity and emotions like anger, greed, lust, and attachment. Just hit the delete button on them. Put a harness on your ego. Then life will create a natural flow of welcoming bliss, joy, pleasure, peace, and truthfulness leading to morality replacing negativity. This helps us achieve the success we seek, along with contentment and happiness. Go ahead and make peace with your life. If you are looking for a happy married/single life, wealth, success in work or business, gain power or trying to be one with the Divine in spirituality. Materialistic or spiritual, it will pave the path to success for you.

Achieve that knowledge

It is easy as one-two-three or may be more complicated than rocket science. Nah! I am just kidding. Look at you; you are so ready to find out the secret. There are many paths to achieve this; I will share one here. I usually prefer Advaita Vedanta (nonduality) but let’s go with the duality path. We live in a world of duality, so why not make good use of it?

Ready, steady, Go

Get ready with your whole heart, and grab your strong willpower. That focused discipline, maintaining the same enthusiasm from start to end to achieve your final aim. Now, your focus is persistent, and your chances of success are undeniable. Be a cheerleader to your willpower, and make it more vital than ever.

Find your BFF in you.

So here we are with our beautiful conscious, constantly reminding us to choose good from bad, right from wrong. Sometimes we listen, and sometimes we ignore. Conscious is trying hard to offer the best and most honest opinion. Telling us not to eat that cookie, and we still eat it. It tells us to work out, and we sit and watch Netflix.

Avoid that questionable situation in your life, and do the right thing. Now we will learn to listen and consider the advice, just like Eleanor started to listen to her little voice after taking ethics classes from Chidi (The Good place show).

Here is your cheerleading team

Your knowledge of the existence
Your blissful heart with peace
Your Joyful mind with full of respect and morality
Your Intelligence honoring truthfulness

Once you get your entire team ready, pleasure and success will follow you like a puppy. You don’t need to chase them anymore.
Now it’s time to let go.

Know your NOT-so-BFFs

Ego — This chap is tough, loves pampering, and gets hurt if there is no attention. If your ego is hurt, you are in trouble! So be quick and stay away from this chap starting now!

Attachment — It is a cute little toddler, clingy and whiny but looks adorable. Don’t fall for those puppy eyes; looks are deceiving. Once it comes close to you, it gets stuck to you forever.

Greed — What can we say about his one? Its vocabulary is limited to one word only — “want.” Every time and all the time. Always want … want… want. I am rolling my eyes, just writing about Greed!

Lust — Oh, this one is worse than Greed; it will drive you crazy till it gets what it wants. Comes in a package of frustration, possession, and sadness. What a deal — Receive one and get three free!

Anger — This lad is not bad most of the time but does get crazy now and then. It makes you lose control of your perfectly aligned mind. You may end up doing something you regret in the future. It looks naive, but it’s a monster.

What should you do?

Don’t get stressed.
Be persistent, and have patience.
Be aware that they can easily crush you. Know the fact that they are stronger than your cheerleader team sometimes. This is where you hold on to your willpower dearly. Your conscious mind will help you focus on the aim.

Conquered them, you can either put a hook or let go of them, keeping them at a distance from you. You may choose to fight them with the help of your BFF team. Know that it will be a never-ending and exhausting fight. The best way is to gather all your BFF team and move on with your life. You will start noticing that your suffering, sadness, frustrations, and failures begin to dissolve like an ice cube in hot water when you learn to ignore and let go of your not-so-BFFs. They will receive the message that they have lost the battle and are no longer welcome in your life.

Your struggles and fights with life are over now. You will start noticing that life is an expression of experience of your existence. Now go, make your dream come true, and color your life with your favorite shades. Sparkle the magic of compassion, gratitude, and love everywhere. Smile, you are spreading the joy of life.

You may want to stop and enjoy this state of consciousness for now. If you would like to go forward, there is another destination.

Till then… love, peace, and respect.
This article is an inspiration and a guide by my beloved Guruji Om Swami.



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