MANIPURA / NAVEL CHAKRA (मणिपूर चक्र): The solar plexus

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The Manipura Chakra (solar plexus) is present at the Point of your navel, the center point of your belly. This is the most critical Chakra of all chakras as it governs the heating element in our body.

Lalita Sahasranama 102–103

मणिपूराब्ज-निलया वदनत्रय-संयुता ।
वज्रादिकायुधोपेता डामर्यादिभिरावृता ॥ १०२ ॥
रक्तवर्णा मांसनिष्ठा गुडान्न-प्रीत-मानसा ।
समस्तभक्त-सुखदा लाकिन्यम्बा-स्वरूपिणी ॥ १०३ ॥

maṇipūrābja-nilayā vadanatraya-saṁyutā |
vajrādikāyudhopetā ḍāmaryādibhirāvṛtā || 102 ||
raktavarṇā māṁsaniṣṭhā guḍānna-prīta-mānasā |
samastabhakta-sukhadā lākinyambā-svarūpiṇī || 103 ||

Translation by Guruji Om Swami
A three-faced Devi is situated in the Manipura chakra. She is holding a thunderbolt and is surrounded by Damari and other companion energies. She is of red color (blood red) and situated in your flesh. She loves Guda — muscovado (a lump of brown sugar made by boiling sugarcane juice, also called jaggery). She grants all forms of comfort to the devotees and assumes the form of Devi Lakini.


Devi Name: Lakini
Seed Syllable: LAM (soft NG sound at the end)
Prakriti — Pitta (Ayurveda prakriti)
Color: Red (blood red)
Govern: Fire element
Diet: Devi likes Guda — muscovado (a lump of brown sugar made by boiling sugarcane juice, also called jaggery)
Meditating on the Solar plexus (Manipura Chakra) regulates the diet to include more jaggery or muscovado. Meditating on the Solar plexus (Manipura Chakra) allows the practitioner to positively influence all bodily ailments, including cholesterol and blocked arteries.
Faces: Three
Her symbolic three faces refer to three doshas of the human body in Ayurveda.


Vata — Wind
Kalpa — phlegm
Pitta — bile
Pitta is related to the heat in the body. Per Ayurveda and science, 95% of human body diseases can be traced to the imbalance of stomach heat.
The solar plexus (Manipura Chakra) governs the pitta. This is where heat lives in your body. If the heat is controlled correctly, you are primarily disease-free (stomach related).

Her symbolic three faces represent the three fundamental features of nature (Gunas); the three types of food we consume. If you are dedicating your sadhana to intense meditation on the Solar plexus (Manipura Chakra), please maintain and follow your Sattvic diet only.

1. Sattvic food –nourishes goodness.
2. Rajasic food –provokes passion
3. Tamasic food –increases belligerency.
Controlling and regulating your diet is imperative when meditating on the Navel chakra / Solar Plexus (Muladhara Chakra).

And the three states of Consciousness
1. Waking — Jagrut avastha
2. Dream — Swapna avastha
3. Deep Sleep — Sushupti avastha

As we learn to control and govern the fundamental human aspect of our thoughts and feelings by raising the energy and awakening the Sacral plexus (Svadhisthana Chakra), we move forward to the Solar Plexus (Muladhara Chakra), Here we learn, understand, absorb and control the three states of consciousness and the Gunas. This is one step closer to finding the truth of who we are.

How does the Solar plexus (Manipur Chakra) help you?

Devi is situated in the flesh in Solar Plexus (Muladhara Chakra).

1. Therefore, the chakra governs the muscles, their activity, and their disorders. Meditating on this mantra can correct the condition and help the muscles gain strength and lean form.
2. Obtain control over your sleep and appetite; one can eat much less but benefit much more from the same diet.
3. It helps balance the heat in the stomach and makes you disease-free if you can regulate your diet and work on the chakra energy.
4. Gain the power of sharp intuition and instinct
5. Helps you gain control over your body heat
6. Soft glow and radiant skin.
7. Command the control of your appetite
8. Long span of energy, even with low food intake.
9. Offers a sense of calm and fearlessness in uncertain situations.

Devi is holding a spike.

Explanation by Guruji: The Devi is holding the thunderbolt; just like pangs of hunger, you experience sensation in this chakra like a flash of lightning. Initially, they come and go. At later stages, they start to settle, and you experience constant sensations on the chakra.

In the above shloka, the attendant devis represent seven auspicious qualities you develop as you work on this chakra.
Damari — Hypnotic voice
Mangala — Good luck
Pngala — Beautiful, radiant skin
Dhanya — Fine food
Bhadrika — Noble conduct
Ulka — Light
Siddha — Success


Activate your root and the Navel/Solar Plexus (Muladhara Chakra) by
performing KAPALA-BHATI pranayama, meditation, and mantra chanting.
Yogic Breathing: Make sure when you breathe in, inflate the stomach and fill the air in your tummy.

Clarification: I follow the truth, my beloved Guruji.
Yes, I am aware that traditional texts state the seed syllable to be RAM for the chakra and the color orange of the chakra. This Sadhana is explained by my enlightened beloved Guruji, who has awakened his Kundalini and is the master of Meditation. The information is from a direct source, not anybody else’s opinions, writings, blogs, or word of mouth. I hope you accept the truth and choose wisely. Please follow what you believe is correct.

Truth is not what it should be but what it is.

Neither color nor seed syllabus is much use eventually. You can gain all that with the kundalini mantra. More than the syllables, the visualization quality makes all the difference, so please be assured that you can still get the results well.

Meditate on the Solar plexus (Manipur Chakra), where the kundalini is.

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