Get to know your Seven Chakras

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Hello, my beautiful brothers and sisters. In this article, we will understand chakras, their proper names, what they hold, and their exact location in your body. Also, where you should focus more while working on your Chakras.

In Sanatan Dharma, we can find the first-ever mention of Chakra and Kundalini in Lalita Sahasranama. It was composed by the eight Vaag devis (Vasini, Kameshvari, Aruna, Vimala, Jayani, Modini, Sarveshvari, and Kaulini) upon the goddess’s command, Lalita herself.

Also, Patanjali Sutra, written ranging from 500 BCE to 3rd century CE, has details of Chakra and Kundalini.

What is CHAKRA?

Chakra = Wheel
Now that we are familiar with the meaning of Chakra (Wheel), you may be thinking, do I have these wheels in my body? If yes, why they don’t show up in X-RAY? If not, then what is this all about? The word “chakra” is used as symbolism to understand the concept of Kundalini energy.

What are the names of the Chakras in Kundalini?

मूलाधार (Muladhara) or Root chakra

स्वाधिष्ठान (Svadhisthana) or Sacral chakra

मणिपूर (Manipur) or Solar plexus chakra (Navel chakra)

अनाहत (Anahat) or Heart chakra

विशुद्ध (Vishudha) or Throat chakra

आज्ञा (Ajna) or Third eye chakra

सहस्रार (Sahasrara) or Crown chakra

Where are CHAKRAS located?

Take your palm, spread your fingers, and put your thumb on your navel; this is where your Solar plexus chakra (मणिपूर Manipur) is located. Make sure you are touching your palm to your stomach. Now notice where your pinky finger is touching; your Sacral Chakra (स्वाधिष्ठान Svadhisthana) is situated at that spot.

Now lift your palm and place your thumb on the exact spot where you found your Sacral Chakra (स्वाधिष्ठान Svadhisthana), and now, you notice where your pinky is; that is the spot where you will find your Root Chakra (मूलाधार Muladhara).

Now you can bring your palm back and put your pinky on the Solar plexus chakra. From here, you will find your Heart Chakra (अनाहत Anahat), where your thumb is touching.

Bring your pinky finger to Heart Chakra (अनाहत Anahat), and you will notice your thumb is touching your Throat chakra विशुद्ध (Vishudha).

Again, repeat the method, touch your Throat chakra विशुद्ध (Vishudha) with your little finger, and your thumb should reach the Third eye chakra (आज्ञा Ajna).

One more time, repeat the move, touch your Third eye chakra (आज्ञा Ajna) via your little finger, and your thumb will reach your Crown chakra (सहस्रार Sahasrara)

Patanjali Sutra reference for Chakra and its location:

नाभिचक्रे कायव्यूहज्ञानम् ॥ 3.30
On the navel circle (comes) the knowledge of the body’s constitution.

कण्ठकूपे क्षुत्पिपासानिवृत्तिः ॥3:31
In the hollow of the throat (comes) the cessation of hunger.

कूर्मनाड्यां स्थैर्यम् ॥ 3.32On the nerve called Kurma, (comes) fixity of the body.

मूर्धज्योतिषि सिद्धदर्शनम् ॥3.33
On the light emanating from the top of the head, sight of the Siddhas.

What do the CHAKRAS do?

The easiest way I can explain it is that each Chakra holds a potent Energy as we start working on our Chakra so we can control this energy. This energy begins to move to the Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), her rightful place to be. When it reaches Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), your Kundalini awakens. It is a part of the process of enlightenment. Please note that if or when your Kundalini awakens, it doesn’t give you a certificate that you are now enlightened. I am stating here that the chakras help you walk the path towards enlightenment peacefully and smoothly.

Now, you have the basic concept of what Kundalini energy is, where it resides in your body, how it reaches on top of your crown chakra, and what is her route system of travel.

How do I awaken the CHAKRA energy?

Please always remember when it comes to awakening the energy of your Chakra, ultimately, the quality is vital and not the name or color of the Chakra. Pranayama and one-point focus meditation practice on the Chakra with the Kundalini Mantra will give you profound results. Also, please note that you will need to maintain your diet. For example, if you are working on your Root Chakra (Muladhara) — You must follow a diet of Rice and lentils. Strictly No fatty food.

Again, please don’t worry or focus only on the Chakra’s color, shape, form, or name. These things may be helpful but are not required.

Do I have to start from the bottom, Chakra?

Not at all. Let’s say you fear issues about your past experiences, and you can concentrate on your Naval Chakra (Manipur or Solar plexus chakra) energy. Or, if you would like to work on your basic five gross elements, Muladhara Chakra is the one for you. You can pick the most friendly and easy chakra energy to awaken, the Third eye chakra (Ajna Chakra).

You can work on one Chakra or two or more. It all depends on what you require. Always remember, they are your chakras.

If you are planning to awaken the Kundalini energy, it is wise to start with the Root Chakra (Muladhara).

We will explore each Chakra soon, along with the basic understanding of what Pranayama is in the next blog. After that, we can start from the bottom Chakra, and the said energy can be awakened from the Root chakra (मूलाधार Muladhara) and upwards.

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