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Anahata Chakra (अनाहत चक्र) or Heart plexus

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The Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra) is present right in the middle of your chest, a few inches to the right of you heart.

Lalita Sahasranama 100–101

अनाहताब्ज-निलया श्यामाभा वदनद्वया ।
दंष्ट्रोज्ज्वलाऽक्ष-मालादि-धरा रुधिरसंस्थिता ॥ १०० ॥
कालरात्र्यादि-शक्त्यौघ-वृता स्निग्धौदनप्रिया ।
महावीरेन्द्र-वरदा राकिण्यम्बा-स्वरूपिणी ॥ १०१ ॥

anāhatābja-nilayā śyāmābhā vadanadvayā |
daṁṣṭrojjvalā’kṣa-mālādi-dharā rudhirasaṁsthitā || 100 ||
kālarātryādi-śaktyaugha-vṛtā snigdhaudanapriyā |
mahāvīrendra-varadā rākiṇyambā-svarūpiṇī || 101 ||

Sanskrit to English Translation from Kundalini, an untold story
Situated in the Anahata chakra is the two-faced Devi of black color. She has bright teeth and is wearing beads of rudraksha. She is present in the blood. She is encircled by attendant devis like Kalaratri and lobes soft and gentle foods cooked with oil. She bestows blessings to the courageous ones and has assumed the form of Rakini.

Principal facts

Devi Name: Rakini
Seed Syllable: RAM (dot on R nasal sound)
Color: Black
Diet: Sattvic food and a gluten-free diet are recommended.
Faces: Two
Her symbolic two faces refer to the duality in our life. Duality is the seed of human emotions. No matter how peaceful and tranquil we feel, just one little trigger of unwelcome action can immediately evoke negative emotions. Our life’s stability is mainly built around our feelings. Our emotions get unruly when our activities are not aligned with our thoughts.

Prakriti — Vata (Ayurveda prakriti)
Vata — Wind
Kalpa — phlegm
Pitta — bile
The Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra) governs the Vata.

How does the Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra) help you?

1. Divi is situated in the blood, so meditating on the Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra) can help you remedy blood-related conditions.
2. Gain better control over your emotions and develops calmness.
3. The potential for intuitive decisions elevates to a whole advanced level.
4. Expand the sense of equanimity.
5. Bring synchronizations between your mind and your heart.
6. Your life view becomes more settled.
7. Helps you transpire your dreams finer.
8. Face the fear without feeling anxious.
9. Can make decisions swiftly.
10. Purification — physical and emotional.

Devi is not holding any weapon in her hand.

As we studied the last three chakras, each assigned Devi held a weapon in her hand to teach us to control our emotions, attention, or thoughts. Here she does not have anything. Her black color represents the absorption of all the actions around us. We learn to accept things as is and be in peace. Devi is teaching us to get pleasant and unpleasant with equanimity. Her bright teeth (as specified above) remind us to remain in a more optimistic and happier view of either outcome of an action in life and rise above the duality.

Her two faces show us that our minds are still stuck in duality. We are yet to see the oneness. We are still thinking we are a different entity from the world. But at least we have reached the state of absorbing everything. Now there is not a battle between five senses and five elements, four aspects of thoughts and feelings, or three gunas


The reference to Akshamala in shloka — 50 letters in Sanskrit alphabets from A to Ksh. Words are created from alphabets (kind/unkind, good/bad, pleasant/unpleasant). Others’ emotions and opinions are expressed by using the alphabet, as long as we can remind ourselves that these are only alphabets put together, we can learn to remain calm and composed in any situation. One can reach this state by absolute mindfulness and sustaining your energies still. When your energies are still, nothing can provoke you. You get the upper hand by pausing, thinking, and choosing your response.


Devi Kalaratri — Refers to a particular period of nine nights; this comes once a year. According to the Gregorian calendar, it starts in January (Lunar calendar — Magha — 6th day of the waxing moon, till the night before the new moon).

Intense Practice for Kalaratri: Meditating on the Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra) for four hours in the morning and four hours at night offers remarkable results. Please follow a gluten-free diet for these nine days.

Here is the list of the remaining Devis present along with Devi Kalaratri.
Devi Raktadantika
Devi Bhramari
Devi Shakambhari
Devi Durga

KRIYA — Bhramari Mudra Pranayama

Activate your Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra) by performing Bhramari Mudra.
When you breathe in, inflate the stomach and fill the air in your tummy.

Clarification: I follow the truth, my beloved Guruji.
Yes, I am aware that traditional texts state the seed syllable to be YAM for the chakra and the color green of the chakra. This color has been forcefully added to match the rainbow colors for unknown reasons but has no meaning or truth. Please check the accurate reference with Lalita Sahasranama for the details mentioned above.
This Sadhana is explained by my enlightened
beloved Guruji, who has awakened his Kundalini and is the master of Meditation. The information is from a direct source, not anybody else’s opinions, writings, blogs, or word of mouth. I hope you accept the truth and choose wisely. Please follow what you believe is correct.

Truth is not what it should be but what it is.
Neither color nor seed syllabus is much use eventually. You can gain all that with the kundalini mantra. More than the syllables, the visualization quality makes all the difference, so please be assured that you can still get the results well.

Meditate on the Heart plexus (Anahat Chakra), where the kundalini is. You can put your palm on your heart while meditating for better results.



Vedic Om

Chidananda Roopah! ( pure consciousness and bliss)